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[ office] Our 1st treehouse under "Komorebi" and unhearable bird sounds

It has already been a year and a half since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. has been working remotely for over a year. We're essentially 100% remote working, although our staff visit to do what needs doing a few times a week. The treehouse I built for the retreat has also been used by me as a workspace for the last few months.

The treehouse is made of about 80% of recycled materials or materials that were not used in other construction projects. The main materials are:

  • the discarded boat I found during a cocoa project in Sulawesi,

  • four glass doors from a former creperie on Batu Bolong,

  • logs from a railway bridge,

  • driftwood from the beach and lamps from the Facebook second-hand group,

  • antiques I bought in Vienna, where I used to visit for UN projects, and

  • a stainless steel fence from a famous surf shop near the airport.

I'll explain these parts another time.

It's a treehouse, but it also has a balcony where you can sit on a rocking chair and read a book. There is also a copper bathtub, which the previous owner did not need. I also bought the oversized copper lamps above from the Second Hand Group.

The antique wooden windows open onto the trees. They say it's good to take your eyes off the computer screen every 20 minutes and look at the greenery, but I can see the forest every two minutes in this environment. This feature is the best thing about the treehouse.

Recently, around the time of the 3.30 pm closing meeting, I noticed the fence in front of me was glittering. If you look closely, you can see that it is an ant trail, and the ants are reflecting in the sunlight through the trees. Next to it, a spider's web makes a beautiful geometric pattern. I also noticed in the video that I hear birds singing. During video conferences, people say to me, "It's nice to hear the birds", but I'm so used to it that I don't usually hear them. The sunbeam going through trees are called "komorebi" in Japanese, which is one of the words I cannot find in English.

I can't wait for the Corona pandemic to be over so I can show you this treehouse.

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