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Online ACT Batch 4: To see, to hear, and to experience the reality of environmental issues in Bali​

Experiencing Bali’s​ environment can be done from everywhere! ​

This year, and Tigermov has conducted 4 online ACTs for students in Japan. Unlike the usual ACT where the students came to Bali to experience the nature and meet the people, in this pandemic situation all the activities were done online! Thanks to the advancement of technology that we can now connect the locals and the student through online video conference as well as deliver the experience through live online tour. ​

​The curriculum is designed to meet the goal of creating a transformation in thought and action. The materials are delivered through online lectures by international expert, environmental groups, local people and NGOs that concern in agriculture, waste management, and coffee business.​

At the end of the program, each group delivered a presentation about the current situation of the certain issue and propose some solutions to address that. We are really inspired by their curiosity, caring and outstanding ideas to protect our environment. Apart from this partnership, also provide online SDGs training program. If you are interested to join, check out for more information!

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