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[ venture] My new online community and new "sustainability" friends

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hi This is Takeshi, CEO of

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, I've started severe in new activities including online salon. In that salon, we are discussing the vision working towards sustainability, but we are just talking about what we are enjoying our life.

In the salon, I usually explained how we can build the vision and general information about sustainability and resilience as a "guru" ;-). After that, we are exchanging our sustainability projects working in our neighborhood. As my topic, I started talking about those block chain ideas for our biogas digesters in Indonesia. Other members are pitching how to improve gender issues, make sustainable cosmetics, or merely how to live without harming other people, etc.

We have nearly 70 members, we are Zooming online with 10 to 15 people every Wednesday, and the rest of the conversation is through text chat. It is difficult to imagine how this kind of community is growing fast online last year before the coronavirus pandemics happen. It is a kind of small untightened village where people can come and go anytime. If you like our community you can stay; otherwise, you may move to a new village. People may think this kind of cyber community has higher diversity when you look at the attribute of each individual. For example, I am participating from Bali and there are many people living in Tokyo and our daily life has little common things. However, in another viewpoint, we are very similar and diversity is very low when you look at how we think about society and the environment.

There is a 10-year-old girl who has the vision to live in the forest, building a biogas digester with a treehouse and having her school in the forest (and wants to be a painter). This is exactly what I'm doing in Bali, right now ;-). She lives in rural Japan and goes to a primary school in daily life and I am nearly 50 years old running a company and have a son who is the same age as her. I have never met the girl in real, but I consider her as a friend because we are quite similar although we look different.

People are more open-minded about the online community more than ever. I looking forward to meeting new friends and exchanging ideas about our sustainability!!

I draw my cat and she seems like it (^^).

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Thanks! It is a kind of online village. The last NGO I also establish is similar and it is still going strong. Abotu the impact, will see. I can wait 10 years to see the impact!!


Nov 19, 2020

I've been curious about the online salon. It's interesting how we can give an impact on others. Thank you for sharing!

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