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Maria Adelia Internship Experience

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Introduction and Tasks

My name is Maria Adelia Widijanto. I came from Bandung, currently as a third-year Biology student in Institut Teknologi Bandung. I was assigned to the Engineering team for a month internship. During my internship, I mostly work with the biogas digester where I spend most of my time here preparing all the materials needed to build the biogas digesters (both hand-work and the material’s inventory list) and also ran a small test for the new design since we are trying to change the biogas waste substance to kitchen waste only and no cow dung. I also took care of the office’s garden and help a little bit with some of the think-tank project.

Reasons to Join su-re.co

I chose to try an internship during my semester break because I want to learn the “real-life” work situation, I particularly chose su-re.co because I am interested to know more of the company’s goal of being “sustainable and resilience” especially on the biogas digester part since I am a Biology student; I am interested in knowing their ways to achieve that goal. As a pure science student, I’m currently looking for experiences and finding out on which work field I can implement my study.

Maria and Sam welding biogas digester

What I Learned at su-re.co

After a month being an intern here, I like the work discipline of the interns and staffs here. The office rule is quite strict and it makes everything organized, but it doesn’t make an intense working environment. Being initiative is important to do all the works and project here as you won’t be assigned to any specific task; you just have to actively take part in one of them.

Maria and Emily doing biogas experiment

As a biogas digester team, I learned a lot about biodigester and its potencies of development in Indonesia. Since su-re.co’s biodigester is still in a trial and research progress, interns here are expected to be the problem solver of each prototype that has been made so that the next biodigester will keep improving. I also now know a little bit more about the business works especially for chocolate and coffee selling potencies in Bali. The interns here came from across the world, so it’s a fun experience to see people with cultural differences working together as a team.

This internship has given me a new perspective of how it is not easy to have a fully sustainable system and environment friendly especially in Indonesia, but it is still a possible thing to be. Overall, it’s been a great experience!

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