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How to Create a Crowdfunding Campaign

Hi everyone, Okta from Business team is here 🙋‍♀️

Last year, we made a crowdfunding campaign for biogas installation for farmers. We published it through an online platform, KitaBisa. In this blog, I want to share with you how to create a crowdfunding campaign.

1. Create your KitaBisa account here and complete all the forms needed.

After you successfully created your account, then you have to start filling in the detail about you/your organization, the crowdfunding target, and uploading pictures related. Then, you have to wait for confirmation either KitaBisa will accept your campaign or not.

2. Share your crowdfunding campaign

This is an important step to achieve the crowdfunding target. We had been conducting several online events as the strategy to promote our campaign by collaborating with local partners. You can read about how to conduct an online event here. You may share your campaign with your networks too.

3. KitaBisa may help you to boost the campaign

KitaBisa is not a typical platform! They also can promote the campaign you created if it meets their standards. Previously, they collaborate with BliBli (one of the big e-commerce) and selected our campaign to be promoted on BliBli's platform. I can't tell you specifically what are their standards, but I assume that you have to make a clear explanation about your campaign and put a lot of pictures to attract more people. If you have a high traffic campaign, then their system may notice you. After that, KitaBisa's staff will contact you with any possibilities to help to boost the campaign. Otherwise, you also can try to contact them on their email/social media and ask for their help directly.

I hope those 3 basic simple steps can help you to create your first crowdfunding campaign. I'll see you on my next blog 😊👋🏽

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