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8 Simple Steps to Conduct Online Event for Beginner

Hello, Okta's here. I'm from business team 🙋🏽‍♀️.

Do you know that "Okta" means 8? In this blog, I will tell you 8 simple steps to conduct online event😁

You can see in our website that we have been conducting a lot of online event since last year. The benefits we got from conducting event are we build a strong networking group with local communities, our exposure is increasing, all social media and website engagement are getting high and more people come to support on what we do. Every steps here may vary depends on the event theme, communities, and organizations, these can be examples as guidance for you.

Step 1, decide a topic

  • Define your target audiences specifically, this is useful to consider which topic that you will bring up on the event.

  • A tool for brainstorming ideas is here which shows the questions people most frequently ask through search engines.

Step 2, choose the format of your online event

  • These are some common format : talk show, webinar, live streaming, workshop or panel discussion.

Step 3, create the event content

  • It could be as simple as writing down a list of guiding questions that you will discuss.

  • Next, make a TOR (Terms of references) consists of this outline:

  1. Background

  2. Aim/Goals

  3. Event details (topic, date, time, speakers)

  4. Technical Guidance

  5. Rundown

  • Don't forget to prepare registration link, publication, moderator and speakers presentation, etc.

Step 4, pick a platform

  • Factors to consider while choosing a platform are :

  1. Number of participants it can accommodate

  2. The ability to change between speakers easily

  3. Ability for participants to ask questions

  4. Screen sharing functionality

  5. Slide sharing functionality

  6. Recording functionality

  7. Cost

  • You can click here to read the comparison explanation about each type of platform.

Step 5, promote the online event!

  • For free event, aim to sign up more people than the minimum we need. Collaborate with external partners to promote your event in social media. Paid promote in Facebook Manager also beneficial.

Step 6, run your online event

  • Rehearsal is a must!. Don't forget to give a feedback survey to the participants after your event .

Step 7, analyze your data

  • You can analyze the list of participants or questions that had been asked for the next event in the future.

Step 8, always follow up!

  • Sending an e-mail with CTA (call to action) to engage and maintain your relationship with your audiences.

Simple, right? Now, everyone can conduct their own online event! Anyway, is very open for collaboration opportunity. Please contact for any inquiries. You also can check our products in shop. Thank you and see you in the next blog!😊👋🏾

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