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I am Maya from do-business team.

While working in I got to experience an unforgettable moment, doing product research and development for 's latest gift: the natural bar. My team and I worked on preparing a natural bar for the first time! And to export it to Japan and for a crowdfunding event.

I needed to do research on the ingredients of the products. From the materials of the natural bar, the aroma, producer/expert of natural bar, to the packaging. We have been working for one month to test the natural essential oils from our climate smart coffee and climate smart chocolate. After some trials and errors, we found an expert and great producer for natural bars in Bali. I got a chance to consult with the founder of Republic of Soap Bali - Mr. John. Republic of Soap is one of the very few Class-A Cosmetics Manufacturing Facilities on the island of Bali with a manufacturing beliefs of small batches, daily, and fresh ingredients.

I got a chance to visit the factory and store in Kerobokan and consult the material and aroma of natural bar. He helped us a lot. He knew our story and suggested us to create our own story through this natural bar.

As his suggestion, we successfully created our natural bar which contains no chemical. For the aroma of our natural bar, we used natural essential oils which have the smell of cinnamon leaf, ginger, lavender, mandarin and sandalwood. The smell that can be exclusively found in Bali, Indonesia.

An interesting thing is that one of the materials to produce our natural bar is candlenut. This candlenut is really popular among Balinese women up until now to grow their hair and make it look shinier.

Other than that, we included ground and beans to a natural bar that can scrub and help tighten your skin.

So, this is why I love to work here! I love to learn new things, meet new people but I got more than that. I can even talk with experts and gain a lot of new information!

And lastly, I invite you to experience our journey through our climate smart natural bar. Thank you for supporting us and thank you !!

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