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Gift Maker’s Experiences – Radhya Avisya

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Since February 2019, we had a new gift maker who managed our business and administration at the office. She is Radhya Avisya or known as Radhya. She is originally from Jakarta, but she has been living and working in Bali for the past 2 years. Radhya is in charge of managing the daily operations, specifically for the green business and events.

The way she found out is quite unique. One day, Radhya met with one of our gift makers from the DO-Engineering team and got interested in the mix between the science and business aspect of the company.

What did you like about

Based on our interview with Radhya, she thinks that is a place where she can learn so much. All the giftmakers in are given new projects and challenges. “I also like the environment, where I constantly work with people from all over the world, I really like that in the office and our daily lives we practice what we preach. Separating and washing my trash is something I learn for the first time in And I’m really proud of that!” said Radhya.

What did you learn at

When we asked her this question, Radhya said that it is difficult for her to choose. She feels like she learns about so many things like saying yes to opportunities because usually, they do not come twice. “In we have this attitude literally called “I can solve this.” With each challenge that comes my way, I become more creative, yet systematic” Radhya said. Through this process, Radhya learned the habit to make the record and create templates so that the people that come after her do not have to repeat the same process.

Changed between before and after the time in

Working at makes her be more confident and the experience also has increased her connection so much. Uniquely, the changes are not only happening in her work but also in her daily life at home. “In my daily life, sustainable practices we do in the office, like sorting waste, composting, etc. inspire me to start practicing my own in my home” said Radhya.

For those who would like to take the leap

“Speaking from the staff’s perspective, when you, work in, you will definitely learn so much. But you must be open-minded and embrace that learning process. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s definitely inspiring and at times it’s actually fun!” close Radhya.

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