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Gift Maker’s Experience - Vincent Latjes

Another story to be told about one of our former gift makers, Vincent Latjes. He was an intern from the Netherlands as part of Do-Engineering team. In early 2020, he joined and worked on improving the design of our biogas digester. At the time, the pandemic situation got worse in Indonesia that eventually enforced his return to his home country. However, his spirit to contribute to did not stop there. Vincent managed his work remotely from the Netherlands! Plus, he got extra support from the government there to support his research. You can find the news here. How cool is that? 😉

The reasons why he joined because he is interested with broad and various knowledge and experience at that he could obtain. Moreover, its location in Bali was a convenient option for him due to his personal preference.

So, here is Vincent’s testimony while he was doing his internship at!

What you like about work culture?

Sometimes it was a bit overwhelmed knowing what everybody else was doing was interesting for sure, given that the dynamics are quite fast. On the other hand, what he loved about’s work culture was the open atmosphere and the informality. He also got to know how such a high standard was applied to give good quality of output. At the same time, the dynamics open the intellectual challenges and learning opportunities.

What you learned at

For this question he said he learned how to be consistent in his working methods, to be more critical about his own work. Professionality in terms of challenging himself in how he reviewed and presented his work. Being an intern in a chain of gift-makers, he then understood how his work could contribute to other members’ tasks, so he was eager to ensure that his output has a solid foundation to be brought up for the next action chains. Although, it was hard for him to understand how his work has had an impact in the beginning, yet in the context of the bigger picture it makes more sense.

What kind of change you see in yourself between before and after the internship?

His answer is he became more flexible and communicatively stronger. He is also more confident to cope with various dynamic contexts and different cultures as well as communicational challenges.

What you would say for those who would like to take the leap to

For this question, his response, “If you are up for a challenge, go for it.” 😉

Echoing what Vincent said, we are inviting you for those who are up for the challenges offered by You may apply for internship and full-time vacancies here!

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