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Stories Beyond the Sciences

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Science is one of the important parts of our works at All of our programs from engineering to business are also started and proven by research and science!

Led by our CEO, Takeshi Takama, our team periodically produces research papers on climate change, biogas and sustainability. Together with our partners, staff and intern we deeply analyze the issue and implement it to our programs. Get to know our recent publications for free on our website

Another great news came from our intern in the Netherlands! Vincent of who is working on the experiment on the biogas system got covered by the local newspaper in the Netherlands. As the temperature is also the critical factor of this experiment, he was trying to find a space to conduct this research that is nearly similar to the temperature in Bali and got support from the government!

It makes the experiment like it is conducted “in Bali”. Thank you for the support from the local government so we can still continue our project though in this difficult situation! 

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