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Gift Maker Experience - Osritrivia Callistha

Another story from our former gift maker, her name is Osritrivia Callistha and you can call her Via. With su-re.co, she supported some research projects like SwitchAfrica and a calculation of potential carbon offsetting of the biogas digester. She was born and raised in Indonesia, but she has been mostly living abroad after graduated high school. Now she lives in New York City while pursuing her master’s degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia University. She is particularly interested in waste management and circular economy topics.

Her testimony about su-re.co during her internship as a research assistant are the following.

Reasons to join su-re.co

There are three main reasons why she joined su-re.co as a Research Assistant Intern. First, su-re.co has done tons of biogas installation research and projects specifically in Bali and that attracted her given that her interest is particularly in waste management. Second, as she wanted to expand her knowledge for sustainable development, specifically in the emerging countries, doing an internship with su-re.co made it perfect for her to learn about the topic. Lastly, as su-re.co works with other established institutions working in sustainability, both local and international, this could expand her network and exposure to sustainability projects and gain real-life experiences.

What did you like about su-re.co as a company?

She particularly liked the openness of the company. This includes the willingness to learn from each other within the su-re.co community, as well as the many opportunities that interns could have in regards to work. In su-re.co, each member could learn from each other. The company has created an environment where each division has to share their work/project with other su-re.co members for learning purposes. During her internship, she could see there are also many learning and networking opportunities as su-re.co has strong connections with both local and international institutions working in the sustainability fields.

What did you learn at su-re.co?

During her internship, she had opportunities to learn broadening her perspective when it comes to thinking about systemic change and think locally that could sometimes benefit locally and globally to achieve sustainability. She also learned how to do collaborative work, especially during this pandemic, where we cannot work together in person. She did her internship remotely!

Via had a chance to perform a calculation on potential carbon offsetting of su-re.co’s biogas that she believes would help su-re.co think- do-be tank to further explore the impacts of biogas installation and sustainable development in Bali, Indonesia. After her internship as a research assistant, she sees a change in the way she forms and supports her argument in research writing.

What would you say for those who would like to take the leap to su-re.co?

"If you are interested, eager to learn, and want to do something in sustainability, su-re.co would be a great place to start. Also, working on a beautiful island such as Bali is a plus once the pandemic is over 😊"

Are you interested to contribute to sustainability like Via? Apply our internship program here https://www.su-re.co/hiring-and-internship

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