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Gift Maker Experience - Masaki Kawai

This is a story about our former gift maker from Japan, Masaki Kawai. Masaki is a senior student at Osaka City University Japan and studying business. Also, he once studied sustainability at Arizona State University. He worked at as a business intern for more than 8 months, working remotely. He supported crowdfunding in Japan and organized online events with our Japanese partners!

The path leads to

In the beginning, he was looking for a company that works on climate change or environmental problems, and multi-cultural organization, then he found He was impressed by’s Think-Do-Be activities, and he thought it would be nice to work here in order to learn social business and activities that can contribute to society and the environment simulatenously. That’s why he applied He clearly remembered that he was so happy to pass the interview and join

After becoming a gift maker at supporting Do-Business team, here is Masaki’s testimony. 😊

What did you like about as a company?

First, he likes how the company allows him to try anything that we want. Second,’s activities think-do-be that open many opportunities to learn. Lastly, he really enjoyed working and learning with nice members, especially it’s his honor to work with Tak.

What did you learn at

What he learned the most was making vision and he understands the role of vision now, so he can excitedly set targets to work towards the vision. He sincerely hopes for everything that he worked for affected positively More importantly, he also learned to try to do things first and fix them (learning by doing).

What kind of change you see in yourself between before and after the internship?

According to him, before he joined, he didn’t dare to take initiative to work on projects in his university life. However, after his internship at, he became more confident to be more proactive and leading little by little. This is because he had some opportunities to take leadership while he was working as Do-Business intern. He also felt as the oldest Japanese intern, so he felt responsible to take the leadership among other Japanese interns when we worked on Japanese projects including crowdfunding in Japan. In this sense, he really learned a lot from Amanda as she takes initiative even though she was rather a new member at

What would you say for those who would like to take the leap to

“You can experience a wonderful time here. It will be great for you definitely, also for the earth, and for the future. The wonderful team is welcoming you! Let’s be a gift maker to the earth!”

Are you interested to contribute to sustainable business at like Masaki? Apply to our internship program here

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