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Get Ready for Launching One of the Unique Tree house in Canggu!

Have you always wanted to live in a tree house?

Nowadays, living in the treehouse is not only in the fantasy. Treehouses have been appeared in some places, especially in tourism area.

The location of office is also around the tourism area, namely Canggu District—one of the rapid growing district in Bali. However, there are not so many tree house built in this area whereas it also can be a solution for the rapid growth of built area since it will not built directly on the land. The land can still absorb water into the earth, hence the increasing number of tree house will not disturb the water infiltration process in the urban area.

Green building is one of’s concerns besides coffee and biogas. has been developing tree house as a part of green building project, started from last year. The pilot project of tree house is built on 2.5 meters of wood pillars in the middle of office. In the size around 4 x 6 meters,'s tree house can accommodate either individuals or small family to enjoy the atmosphere of Bali—The Last Paradise on Earth.

The design of tree house is extremely unique. Takeshi, the CEO of designed it by himself. He accentuates the sense of local architecture then packages it in a compact design and thus the space can be used effectively. Even more, the material of this tree house is not carelessly, it made of upcycled material. The wood was part of a broken boat which is found by Takeshi during the climate change and cacao project in Sulawesi. Accordingly, the construction of this building does not waste many new resources and has stories behind it.

The tree house is a combination of wood and glass. The use of glass can reduce the use of lamp during the day time as well. It sticks together with the wood, especially as part of the door as well as the roof. Therefore, the sunlight can bright the room better.

In the beginning of this year, this project is re-reconstructed by the carpenters. Pak Novel—the carpenter who leads this project, work together with the team of We did countless of discussion to adjust the realization of the drawing to the real building. After these 2 months of construction, tree house is almost complete!

Who is not excited about trying this unique tree house?

Stay tuned!

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