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Get excited about what can go right!

Hi Amanda here from Think-team and occasionally Be-Team!

Today, I had the pleasure to join the first day of x Tigermov: OnlineACT batch 3 with Japanese Highschool students! OnlineACT entails knowledge sharing activity and social media campaign between and students. Before Corona, we usually have students visit our office in Bali, meet with communities, and do fun environmental activities, check out more here! This time we hold it online, with several NGO communities sharing through presentation and interactive campaign video making activity.

On the first day, we talked about waste management. We introduced ourselves and shared about the each other experiences on daily waste. At first, I was worried about miscommunication between us from and the Japanese highschool students, which could hinder the progress of the rest of the program. But then, I remembered a motto that I hold dearly.

"Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right!"

As many of you may have read our daily giftmakers' blog, here in we never stop learning – as a giftmaker myself, I 100% second that! Even before joining, I have always liked to learn before I execute my action. But I did it for slightly for false reason. I used to learn it beforehand only to anticipate some thing wrong might happen in the future. For instance, I tend to hesitate and ask for confirmation whenever I submit my task by asking "is it okay?" or "would it enough for this and that?". At some point, I realised that I could not even remember "why" did I even start to learn and the end goal that I try to achieve with my action.

That is how I felt when I join the first day of OnlineACT. Initially, I join to anticipate if anything goes wrong (i.e. connection, technical difficulties, etc), I could help and facilitate the program – which is kind of wrong because it was my only reason. However, while seeing and listening the enthusiasm of Maya and Okta, giftmakers from the Do and Be team, presenting and holding interactive icebreakers, I came to realise that I should stop worrying. The aim of this OnlineACT program is to share knowledge about SDG and inspire young generation to take action on environmental issue – and they nailed at facilitating the program! The first day went well as students began to understand and share their knowledge about waste in their hometown. I started to get excited about the ideas that students will come up with for the sustainable waste campaign and that we are on the right track to fulfil our aim.

Nonetheless, anticipating and being prepared for the worst case scenario is not entirely bad. But keep worrying is not good either. Just like here in, think-do-be is not only the basis of the company, but also the synergy of our work culture. We are not only thinking (analyze, research, anticipate) about our action, but we actually do implement our action, and get excited to continuously be giftmakers for the earth.

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Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)
Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)
14 de dez. de 2020

Fear is good!! I like Stockdale paradox, i.e. mixture of ultimate optimism and realism in uncertainly. I will write it in another time!

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