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Young Japanese Students Learn about Sustainability

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Greetings from Bali! has been collaborating with Tigermov to facilitate students who are eager to learn the problems and best practices of environmental issues as well as business in Bali. This year, has facilitated 3 groups from Tigermov. They are all young, energic, and passionate about making the world a better place!

They met with different parties from the government, NGO, and the local community to gain knowledge and experiences. At first, they visited Spatial Planning Office to know more about the electric vehicle, then visited Eco Bali, an NGO that focuses on waste management and wastewater treatment plant in Bali.

To get more insight, they went to Plaga to meet with local farmers and brought the mission to create creative solutions in an efficient way for the farmer to bring their products to the market.

Our staff and intern are responsible to take care of these groups. Radhya and Maya facilitated Tigermov’s expeditions this year! Radhya is our manager from Jakarta who graduated from animal husbandry at Wageningen University. Her experiences involve working with farming youth and farming families to produce and be connected to the ever-growing tourism sector in Bali. The other one is Pastika Maya, our intern from Indonesia who is very excellent in organizing events and learning activities, like this partnership with Tigermov

We are expanding!

After the visit from Tigermov, we got a passionate high school student from Japan who is eager to learn and experience environmental projects. Reina Natabe joined for a short period. Though joining us only for 10 days, she can learn and experience various think-do-be tank projects.

Reina observed the waste management system in Bali where she saw “trash mountain” for the first time. Reina also learned the process of making coffee and gets new insight into how the coffee is made. “Before I thought to make coffee was using a machine, I was surprised that we can roast it ourselves,” she said while presenting what she learned during the short-term program.

To experience the biogas project, Reina went to Jembrana with Mayun and Fabian of to install a biogas digester that is supported by TransRISK, Benny Lieu and Indonesian Meteorology and Climatology Agency. She got her hands dirty and help dig the hole, weld the biogas and install it together with the farmer. We are happy to be back in Jembrana and we hope this experience can be beneficial for her for the study.

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Nov 19, 2020

I miss this kind of activities before corona

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