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Finding the Sweet Spot of Feasibility, Viability, and Desirability

I’ve read the book titled Creative Confidence which talked about how we can unleash our creative potential. Global pandemic makes us to rethink the entire framing. These days, things that have always been impossible (not viable, not feasible, not desirable) are overnight starting to happen. For example, before pandemic we think ‘work from home’ thing is not practical at all, but now we must do it all the time. Therefore, we need to reframing the ideal innovation process.

The ideal innovation process is the trifecta of feasibility, viability, and desirability. These 3 elements not only can be implemented in business, but also can be implemented while we want to find a solution towards problems.

● Feasibility what do we need to do in order to make this happen

Sometimes the goal is to create a new technology, but sometimes we need to work with what we’ve got.

● Viability how to build value chain for long-term sustainability

By understanding what the business wants to accomplish, we can focus our energy in the right direction.

● Desirability what does the customer actually want

A great way to start is by checking to see if the solution is adding value to the world. There’s no point with executing on a solution that nobody wants in the first place. So, I believe that in every design-driven solution, we should start with desirability where we research, ideate, and prototype to answer the desirability question.

So, how to balance these 3 key elements and finding the sweet spot?

  1. Communicate clearly

  2. Do the customer research

  3. Be thorough in the planning and strategy stages

What do you think about these 3 elements? Do you have any comments about what should go first to find the best solution? (❁´◡`❁)

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