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[Experience] Be a "Think-Do-Be" person!!

Hi! I’m Miku from the Business team!

I’ve decided to write the updates of my experience in internship monthly.

Today’s blog is about “Think-Do-Be” for my tasks at!

Actually, I’m kind of a linear time person rather than a perfectionist.

When I entered at first, I just focused much on finishing tasks with my punctual personality. For example, one of my tasks last month was canvassing Japanese companies to expand the sales of the Japanese market. At first, I made a template and just copy and paste it to send the sales email. Also, before asked feedbacks from teammates, I did not check the sentences of the email carefully. So, I just paid attention to complete tasks quickly and did not think this working style should be improved.

However, my teammates made me realized that not only just finishing tasks on time but also “Think” ability is so important in In the case of the example, I should have rearranged email sentences to attract new Japanese buyers and checked sentences carefully before asking for feedback from my teammates. What I have learned that “Think- Do-Be” will make it possible that I and my teammates work more effectively and productively without wasting the time of feedbacks. So, I am training to be a “Think- Do- Be” person nowadays compared to last month.

If you are interested in internship but do not have the confidence to do intern work with “Think-Do-Be” Ability like me, it will be a good opportunity to improve them and become a “Think-Do-Be” person!! Let’s work together!!

P.S. Of course, we are welcome new interns who already likes Think-Do-Be activities!!

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