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Experience Bali through online event during the pandemic

I shared the story behind our natural bar and how to give feedback to Youtube videos. Now, I want to tell you about my experience when we prepared the 360 videos for our online program, online ACT, a collaboration between and tigerMOV Japan.

Hi again! 😊

For those of you who don't know, I'm Maya from do-business and be-event team. Before I joined do-business team, I was an event coordinator for’s events such as SDG training, international workshops, and many more.

Since the pandemic, we moved our offline program to an online program. To move the offline to the online event is not easy. For example, one of our collaboration programs with TigerMOV Japan, ACT program, where Japanese students can experience directly to Bali by bringing some environmental issues. They experienced directly to visit and interview NGOs, government, to locals, to get solution of their problems.

During this pandemic, they can’t come to Indonesia, so, we prepared the concept of how we can hold ACT but online. Then, we held an online ACT with the aim that Japanese students can still gain new experiences, build international networking, critical thinking, and problem-solving, contribute to something they’ve never done before, even though it’s online.

Our theme for the First online ACT was Waste Management. One of the preparations is to make 360 ​​videos about Waste Management in Bali as material for participants during the event.

For the first onlineACT program, we collaborated with CINEMAWITHOUTWALL. Me and Caecilia (founder of CWW) had the opportunity to take some videos during the pandemic and It was semi-lockdown in Bali. We visited small landfills to big landfills. From the market, the Balinese house, to an NGO office.

During the video shoot, we also met a lot of traditional market sellers and waste officers. They shared their experiences of how this pandemic can affect their economic conditions.

On the other hand, we also saw how the situation in Bali, as a tourist area, has become very different during this pandemic. By that time, hopefully, things will get better. Bali will back to normal and again becomes a popular tourist destination for everyone.

We also hope, after the pandemic, can hold offline events like last year's ACT and invite more young people, both inside and outside Indonesia, to experience our program.

I’ll wait for you and see you in Bali!

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Dec 05, 2020

Looking forward to next OnlineAct with more people!


We have a difficult year, but I think this is a trend to experience more in online so we do not to stop working on the direction. Let's make really make VR ACT!!

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