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[Energy] My reaction on Just Transition & Green is better than Clean (^^;)

The report from the Just Transition workshop, where I was a panellist last month, is out. There is a summary of my presentation on page 8, and an extract is below.


Takeshi Takama (CEO,, Indonesia) insisted that renewable energy must be recognised as a new green and free ideology in the narratives to allow this transition. He stressed the need to "shift responsibility to capability" in the discourse with greater empowerment of the consumers who produce their energy (so-called prosumers). He proposed blockchain as a way to reduce certification and transaction costs of carbon off-setting measures. Better access to new technologies is key, especially in some southern countries to multiply the opportunities brought by green and cheap renewable energy for this just transition.

The story behind the story is that I actually said "Clean Energy" instead of "Green", but my pronunciation was not clear, and when I got the manuscript, it wrote "Green". I thought about correcting it, but Green sounded innovative than Clean on the second thought, so I left it as it was.

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