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[daydream believer] Why Climate Change is a generation war? This is because of 1.5 degrees!!

Did you bear during the 70s or before?

Who born in the 80s?

The 90s?

After the year 2000?

The figure from the World Economic Forum shows if you were born late 90's, half of you will see the next century. I born in the 70s, so I will not see the era of Doraemon. The 'life expectancy' is based on an estimate of the average age in a specific age group dies. Which means, the 'life expectancy' is years a person can expect to live.

So, why do I need to care about the world after death? How does my generation care about the next century which 80s rockstars do not exist?

This argument is the logic of recently climate change movement, and a UN report on climate change projection supports the logic.

The international panel of climate change of UN (IPCC) published a special report on 1.5 degrees from the industrial revolution. They made several scenarios on how to settle or not settle 1.5 degrees warmer world. These scenarios are already challenging. The scientists were saying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be cut by half before 2030 compared to 2010, with the long term aim of net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050. Many major developed countries seem listening to the message and committing the reduction (cough, cough, excepts some including the US and Australia).

But, do you see that all scenarios go above 1.5 degrees. It called overshooting. The global temperature goes above 1.5 degrees and may come down or not come down.

If we would like not to overshooting above 1.5 degrees, we need to rely on the technologies which do not exist like decarbonising CO2 from an atmosphere according to the report. Is it possible? Not sure!!

So, this report is actually saying, I come to a pub and drinking a beer or whiskey and saying that 'I enjoy my life and will not pay for my drink. My kids will pay my bill'.

I am not encouraging the generation war, but this is what the report really says. Our LANDMARC project study decarbonisation technologies from land use. Our Indonesia case will tell you how compost and biogas can work as decarbonisation technologies.

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It is a metaphor, but it is actually the real ;-)


Dec 14, 2020

What a funny metaphor.. yet so daunting at the same time considering how real and uncertain the future of climate change is

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