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Coffee Diary : What is Coffee Cupping? 🤔

Updated: May 29, 2021

Hi, Okta from Business team is here 🙋‍♀️

Yesterday, I had a chance to attend a coffee cupping competition held by a local coffee shop in Bali. It was good and I got some insight from some people in the coffee community. Today, I want to share with you about coffee cupping, a method that's important to define the quality of coffee beans. Coffee cupping usually analyzes the 4 characteristics of coffee,

Aroma, Acidity, Body and Flavour

Aroma represents the way the coffee smells—it could be earthy, spicy, floral, nutty, or others. Acidity is a tangy quality or tartness, not the pH level of the coffee. Body is the weight of the coffee on your tongue if it feels light or full in your mouth. Just like comparing whole milk with nonfat milk. Flavour is the way the coffee tastes.*

If you look at our coffee package, you will find the flavour notes to describe what you can expect when you brew and drink it. Our coffee has a note of “orange”, which means you will taste either the same or similar compounds that are in an actual orange. Interesting, right?

As you may read from many sources, coffee is a very complex beverage with more than thousands of chemical compounds containing inside that affect its flavours and aromas. The flavours are natural characteristics inherent to the coffee!

Coffee's flavours influenced by many factors, such as farm condition, cultivation, the varietal, storage condition, harvesting, processing, roasting, and brewing method. We can talk about this later on my next blog😋

Preparation for Coffee Cupping Competition

Coffee Cupping

HungryBird did the cupping to our They have a great team which very capable in the coffee industry. You can check their website for more information. Thank you for reading my blog, you can purchase our coffee here. See you! 😊👋🏽

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