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[blockchain] Latest news connecting the carbon offset with cryptocurrency!

While designing a carbon offset program with blockchain for our biogas digesters, I received an email explaining the current blockchain initiatives working on climate change.


Business got hectic. The world has been looking at the carbon offsetting ecosystem, trying to understand the difference in which it can integrate with crypto companies. A massive part of the narrative is Elon Musk accusing bitcoin of being environmentally damaging - many more prominent players in the space are looking to be carbon neutral or even negative.

The Crypto Climate Accord, which exists before Elon's criticism, recently partnered with a blockchain that's receiving many hypes at the moment called Enjin.

The type of partnership that might be most beneficial to pursue is similar to the one Celo (a blockchain) had with Project Wren the result as they claim: "its first year of operation, the Celo platform offset 2219.5 tons of CO2 through Project Wren" have a read of this for more info:

Other noteworthy examples are:

This project is interesting as it integrates NFT's (which is digital artwork) into their approach

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