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Biogas Beyond Emission Reduction: Why Blockchain isn't Just Sexy

Fabian here reporting from the Think-team.

Yesterday we hosted our second workshop [Key Takeaways] The 4.2 Sustainability & Resilience Workshop (! This time we had a breakout room session dedicated to our upcoming blockchain biogas project. Fun fact there is a fun story during the submission of the proposal where I will cover another time. In short, I've been working with the other giftmakers in refining our carbon offset concept for this hopefully soon-to-be-starting project.

For those who need a recap, you may read this blog [blockchain] Why blockchain is cheaper and certification is expensive in carbon offset? ( While moderating the breakout room session, there were a lot of valuable questions such as follows:

How to implement the carbon offset calculation in such a diverse system in the field with various influents and quantities?

This is a really good point. In terms of emission reduction, the output data (biogas) is insufficient to determine the whole carbon offset. The input data is as important as the emission reduction will vary across the input type e.g. cow manure, pig manure, or even just food waste. Credibility then becomes a really important point for the blockchain data.

However, a GHG emission reduction tool does not do the biogas digester justice in describing what it does. This is what makes biogas special compared to other emission reduction schemes. There are socio-economic aspects that should be publicized. This is why the output data is still very much essential. Sure, the biogas production data is proof that emissions are being reduced. But above all else, is also proof that the users are receiving the benefits. That a farmer can cook with it. Otherwise, what is so special about a container that is filled with a bunch of organic waste? Below is recording of the first fire produce by a farmer from our most recent installation a few weeks ago.

In this case, it becomes important to not only sell the carbon offset credit as a number, but to really show the full context by elaborating the social and economic benefits. A carbon offset number may give comfort to customers who purchase it, but in fact it has a deeper meaning to those attached to it.

I have many takes from this session, but one that I'd like to point out is that blockchain isn't the solution. It's sexy, people are attracted to it. But that's why it's the perfect means to deliver social meaning to those in need [daydream believe] Upscaling our biogas project with blockchain: From frugal innovation to DeepTech. ( The technical solution is merely one part of the whole solution. There are many ways blockchain can be used for malicious intent, which is why the approach and implementation is even more important. To reap the technology's capability for the best of all worlds. [Daydream believer] DeepTech Beyond Bitcoin (

So to whoever reading this, I hope you understand that once you have come across a solution (especially technical ones), keep in mind that solutions should be multifacted. Blockchain may not be our Superman, but with enough support (a costume designer, a marketing agent) it may very well be. Not sure if that's a good analogy, but it works for now.

Thanks again for everyone joining the workshop and to those active in the breakout room session! Hopefully we can keep in touch and see what we can achieve together.


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