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Bali's Organic Artistry: Painting with Nature's Colors

Updated: Mar 28

This blog was written by the group 'Kosei,' which includes Hajime, Ikumi, Sona, Ryota, Naohiro, and Shino.

We visited a number of organic farms in Bali. Everywhere we looked, we saw farms that valued the natural connection between animals and plants, as well as between people. We wanted to spread such organic farming! So we made paints from vegetables and fruits produced by organic farming and then we made a painting out of them. Unlike ordinary paints, these paints do not need to be disposed of. The paints can be returned to nature as is because they are made without synthetic substances.

The bird depicted here is the Crested White Muk, Bali's only native bird and an endangered species, so we chose this bird as

a symbol of our intention to protect Bali's nature.

This type of agriculture is not a major business. However, considering the environmental issues and future food problems, we think it is important to preserve this.

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