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[Bali life] The real story of biogas digester after 2 years of daily usage.

After almost two years of use, I decided to take the biogas system apart to improve it. I had no real problems with it, but one of the clips holding the bag's ends together was spreading under pressure, so I decided to take it apart to improve this area. The clips are held together by two grippy systems made of off-the-shelf PVC pipes, each with a double clip, so they are sufficient for practical use as they are, but I'm going to see if there is anything I can do to improve them. A practical improvement would be to keep the current design and send the clips to us for replacement every two years, or we could get the clips locally and replace them ourselves. The rest of the parts are made from materials that can be bought in any construction shop. Therefore, if necessary, the farmers can repair them themselves.

Apart from that clip, I did not see any substantial problems. There was no deterioration of the PVC bag, as PVC is a material that does not deteriorate under UV light. There was no damage to the adhesive. This model is designed to insert food wastes from the top, so I was concerned about gas leaking from the joints, but this did not happen.

The removal process involved undoing the clips that hold the packet closed and removing the bioslurry residue. Without taking out the residue, the bag is too heavy to lift. However, once the residue inside has been removed, it can be lifted by a child alone.

The residue is a good liquid organic fertiliser, so we poured it directly onto the lawn. The lawn has not been healthy lately, and it is the rainy season, so we have no problem with this method as the rainwater we have stored will dilute it and the rain in the evening will dilute it further. The garden is sloping, and the biogas system is set back on the highest part of the slope, so the rain spread the organic fertiliser over the lawn. In fact, it rained so hard in the evening that it spread all over the lawn.

We will clean it up a bit more and then see what changes have been made over the past two years. After we made improvements, we will reintroduce the biogas to our kitchen.

I am explaining the clips of the PVC biogas bag.

The clip system is very stable.

The clips are removed and bioslurry comes out!

I am removing the PVC digester.

Clerning the PVC bag at the garden!

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