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[Bali life] How agriculture makes wealth? Memory of microbusiness with Montessori

Hi This is Takeshi CEO of having a relaxing weekend.

My family was invited to a home-gathering with an agricultural business family who has installed our biogas. She has agriculture that can turn into a business, compared with the farmers is giving the biogas digesters for free. The family have already bought two of our biogas digesters. We are very grateful that they are buying our products as a business in the early stages needs this kind of push.

I won't go into details of her business as it would increase her competition, but you can see from her house that she is making wealth. That's what you get when you market and run an agricultural business properly! I always think this is the best house in Bali. A few years ago, we heard that a farmer was about to build a pigsty on the other side of the river, so they bought the land across the river too, so the view of the rice fields will be safe for years to come.

At this gathering, we met Peter from the Montessori school where we are putting our children, and he and I have been discussing the possibility of making the Montessori school green. Before the coronavirus, was supporting the micro-businesses that our staff was teaching how to make biogas and planning of student business with our coffee and chocolate. With the start of the coronavirus, all these activities have stopped. The school is due to open in January (hopefully), so I hope to re-start the micro-business of selling and chocolate.

Peter has also been affected by COVID19, but he said that progress in the environmentalism had made this year brilliant. The WRI report I wrote about recently shows that carbon dioxide emissions are back to the levels of 15 years ago. Even though Corona is over, I hope we will continue to live with this standard or better.

On the way back to Pererenan we saw the headquarter built by 'Bye Bye Plastic Bag' with support from Ikea. Our office made of upcycled materials is a sustainable building, and this office made of shipping containers is another kind of sustainable building ;-)

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