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[Bali life] How to make the 1st treehouse - Part 2

This is Takeshi, CEO and treehouse enthu of

I continue the story of the first treehouse.

The treehouse has a loft and balcony which comes as an inspiration and my carpenter team realise it. Also, this is how information should be transferred with a paper before the smartphone era.

The treehouse is actually quite small, but it is cosy for two adults to live. The view from here is nice too.

I got this unwanted copper bathtub from a shop in Seminyak. This tree gives nice shade and a partition giving privacy from the office space.

So, what is this? This is an iconic surfer at 'Surfer's Paradise', the traditional surf shop closed in Kuta. I got stairs and stainless fences from the shop.

The nice curvey shape fits well with the style of the treehouse.

Now, this is a safe place to enjoy the hight and listen to birds singing while being yogini at the balcony. All lamps used in the treehouse was also pre-loved items I found in Bali over the last couple of years. This is another reason why I took so much time to finish the treehouse.

The stump was taken from a neighbourhood with a log. The empty place I found the log is a nice villa now. The owner sold me the log just before he sold the land.

At the end, I added some more privacy with thin wood panels. It has a more bird nest look. I may write about in the future.

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