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[Bali life] Do small things with great love - Ogakuzu compost!

The composting process with sawdust/Ogakuzu started at the end of the year. I have been doing it for two months, and I have never smelt anything. I can say that there is no smell at all. I have only seen one insect larva, but I think it was killed by the compost's heat. It is a straightforward system, and I think everyone should do it. Here's a list of things I noticed.

  • The skins of slightly thicker fruits, such as mango skins, remain until the end.

  • There is a lot of water evaporation, and you need to replenish the water a little.

  • When the oil is added, the ripening process goes very fast, and it becomes really hot.

  • I have tried adding EM4 fungi, but I don't feel that this helps the composting process.

  • I think it is better to leave the compost alone rather than mixing it too much so that it does not interfere with the bacteria's activity.

  • When it is zipped up, insects cannot get in. If you put waste in the bag before the bugs get in, there is almost no chance of them getting in.

  • Where the bag is in contact with a wall or floor, it will get damp, so it is best to keep it in the air as much as possible.

  • I used a paper bag pulled over the inside of the bag, but it tore so quickly that the paper bag was of little use.

It was so easy that it was a bit of a letdown. I think I'll put half of it back in the garden and start again. Other than that, I feel the compost bag alive and is like a pet.

Sons playing chess ;-)

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