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A Gift Maker Experience - Natasha Ikhsan

Hello, this blog will be about one of giftmakers, her name is Natasha. She is currently studying multidisciplinary courses revolving around development, environment, and society at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech). She was an undergraduate of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring in chemical engineering. At, she was supporting the research team involving in EC projects, LANDMARC and TIPPING+, writing proposals, and supporting the biogas market. She actively worked as an intern at from November 2020 until February 2021. However, she actually still contributes to supporting LANDMARC project in the middle of her busy schedule at the university as an output-based intern😊

She admitted that the reason why she joined because she was drawn to the idea of working at think-tank in the future so she aimed to utilize her skills and passions in research and development on sustainable initiatives especially at the grassroot level. When she was researching for her thesis on Indonesia domestic biogas program, she discovered through one of’s research papers. she was fascinated by all’s efforts in promoting clean energy and green business in local communities in Bali and Flores. Instantly, she knew that she wanted to become a part of Also, she would like to learn and experience more about how a non-profit or a think-tank works so she could get a clearer picture to design her future career.

So, here is her testimony during her full-time intern at

What did you like about as a company?

She really appreciates the fact that allows her to get full exposure and understanding of’s business operations, strategy, and business model. The multinational and egalitarian nature of is also a reason why her internship experience at felt so fulfilling. She likes the egalitarian culture at where every member is encouraged to give each other feedback regardless of age or seniority. During her internship, she had the chance to interact with experienced researchers, the CEO himself, fellow interns, and’s organization partners that come from diverse backgrounds. Also, she got the opportunity to get involved in’s high-stake projects such as LANDMARC and TIPPING+. Although she is in Japan now, the distance did not become a barrier for her to contribute. The flexibility offered by allowed her to manage her university schedule, working on her thesis at the same time.

What did you learn at

She claimed that she acquired a wide range of research skills from technical to non-technical. For instance, she learned the rule of thumbs in preparing proposals, crafting presentation slides, and many more. She was grateful for the chance to learn from the best. Besides, She hopes that her works at could really have meaningful outcome both for and the local communities.

What kind of change you see in yourself between before and after the internship?

She noticed some technical skills she acquired during her internship at These include improvement in her writing skills especially in writing proposals and research-oriented documents thanks to guidance and feedback from everyone. Also, she has a better understanding now of how think tanks work and operationalize. Her experience at is also a source of inspiration in shaping my future career.

What would you say for those who would like to take the leap to

“I would say go for it! if you like to take part in solving today’s most pressing environmental and social challenges and if you are passionate about community development or research surrounding climate change either at the community, national, or regional levels, is the perfect place for you.”

If you want to join to be a giftmaker to the earth like Natasha, please visit the internship opportunities here. 😊

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