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1st photo & Closing"Sustainability and resilience of bioenergy for climate change" workshop

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

This is the 1st team photo. We finished the 1st international workshop: "sustainability and resilience of #bioenergy for #climate change" I leave the summaries to the company blog: 1st day , 2nd day

When I did the closing, I was suddenly emotional. Our team are really well done the event. 50+ participants from 9+ countries discussed bioenergy issues in Indonesia. We had envisioned the issues and had homework to work until the 2nd workshop. Yes, we will have a bigger workshop next year in May!

The event was co-hosted by Universitas Udayana under EC GreenWin, SEI – Stockholm Environment Institute under EC TRANSrisk, ICCTF, and

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