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Small Step with Us!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Hello!! I‘m Miku from the business team!

2 years ago, I went to Australia as a study abroad and I realized many eco-friendly policies were there! When I went shopping, I was surprised that plastic-bag-free shops had already become common, and people tended to use eco-bags instead of plastic ones. Also, the cafeteria in the university campus provided paper straw and it was very new for me.

After I went back to Japan, I was looking forward to being installed these eco-friendly policies in Japan someday. Eventually, many shops in Japan have started to charge for shopping bags and provide paper straws since last year! Nowadays, these policies are widespread all over Japan.

I am very happy that a sustainable society has been gradually created, but still, individual minds toward environmental protection would be important for the blighted future.

(The left side photo was taken when I went to Austria and this was a shake with paper straw)

Maybe some people will think that “What can I do for the environment? "

One of the answers will be purchasing products!! When you buy products, will give some from wholesales price for Indonesian farmers. The donated money will be used to install biogas digesters and organize climate files schools.

(The photos are su-re.cocoa and

If you are considering the first step for environmental protection, you can choose to be a contributor to environmental protection with!!

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Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)
Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)

A bit irony that I see a paper straw, but also a disposable cup ;-)

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