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Working at pt 11: how the connection is important to hold an event

Updated: May 20, 2021

Hi again!

I am Maya from Do-business and Be-event team.

Today, I will share and continue my series of working at

I will do a little throwback on this blog.

I started to join team as an event coordinator in 2019. I shared on my previous blog that my first project was the Sustainability & Resilience workshop, then I did not expect that I can experience more exciting events.

After the workshop, I got a chance to experience more event projects such as a training project from TigerMov Japan. I got a challenge to prepare a company visit from Tokai Rika and Daiki Axis Japan in the same month, December 2019.

Through several online meetings with TigerMov Japan and both companies before the visit, we managed to hold our first training program.

I may explain to you the preparation and how the program ran. I was assisted by my co-worker, Radhya. She briefly explained how to prepare a letter to visit NGOs/institutions to book transport and accommodation.

Did I mention the NGOs/institution to the government? Oh yesss!

As per the company's request, they wanted to experience more than a tour. They wanted to know the reality and have a discussion with local Balinese, so, they did research too in this program. I will probably share these detailed activities on my next blog. Let’s go back to the preparation part!

Three to two weeks before their visit, Radhya and I managed to prepare everything such as approaching and sending the letter to the government (Department of Agriculture Bali Province to Department of Cleanliness Badung regency), exploring hotels around Canggu for the accommodation every day (we made sure that we get a hotel which is clean and provides a good service), contacting NGOs such as 4Oceans, Eco Bali Recycling, and institution such as Green School. In between, we also prepared some recommendation food, scheduled an interview with local Balinese, and helped the company members to look for data in Indonesian language for their final presentation.

There were more than ten company members who joined and a lot to prepare before and during the event but it was really fun. I did not expect that the program will give me a broad opportunity in the future.

At first, it was challenging because the program was new and we did not have the system yet on how to connect with NGOs/institutions, local Balinese, government, and to run the training program for a group of employees. But now, we harvested those efforts.

We never know this COVID19 will happen. I experienced holding the offline/onsite program only three times before we moved everything online. Even though our partners can’t come to Bali, they can still experience reality virtually. We gained more connections from company visit projects, so, we can still invite the NGOs/institutions/government to our online training program, to have a discussion with our participants, and give a more interactive experience for the program.

Through several events, I also got to learn from participant’s experiences, the feedback on how to improve the event, and the technology that we can use to support the learning process.

It is not only a job as event coordinator that I enjoy the most, but I also gained plenty of experience through this process.🥰🥰🥰

Now, it's your turn, I also want to know your experience to build a connection related to your work or project. I would be happy if you could share it in the comment section down below! 🥰

Thank you for always reading my diary, see you next week!

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