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Which Products Will You Buy?

Hi! I’m Miku from the business team!

In this week, team members with some organizations did the cleaning up activity at the city and beach in Bali!

(The photo is cleaning up activity)

This activity reminds me that I saw too much garbage on the beach in my hometown (Japan, Niigata).

(The left side photo is the beach in Niigata)

I am thinking about how to approach the garbage issues, and I thought one of the causes of increasing garbage will be too much consumption of non-recyclable and reusable goods.

So, I looked for recyclable and reusable products and found one of the solutions for it!

That is called ‘Loop’ and it is the shopping platform that users can purchase products with reusable packages or bottles! The system is very unique and quite simple! Users register and shop in the online Loop shop store like Amazon and receive delivered products which are in the original Loop Tote. The products of Loop are packed with reusable packages or bottles made of stainless steel, so it is plastic-free! After users consume the products, they can return the empty packages or bottles putting into the Loop Tote, and the Loop staff will come to pick them up. Then, after cleaned at the company, the packages or bottles are used again.

This service has been installed in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States, and the company tries to expand its market in Canada, Japan, Australia, and Germany in 2021.

Nowadays, sustainable life becomes more popular, so customers can make a choice to shift reusable ways of consumption using Loop, and it would have the potential to reduce the number of garbage of consumable products or food packages.

Our individual consumption power has a huge impact on society, so the smart choice to make a sustainable life will be needed for us.

(The right side photo is Loop Tote and packed products)


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