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We need to know about how terrible plastic garbages are.

I participated in the project held by In this project, we worked on the plobrem of plastic garbage in Bali. We tried to came up with some idea which we can start with at first.

In addition to that, we make some plesentation about that probrem in Bali.

I got a lot of knwledge about plastic garbage. You know Bali is one of the most popular place as tourist attraction. A lot of surfer visit Bali every year and water in the sea is very clean. However, it is a little difference. Actually, There are a lot of plastic garbage in not only the sea but also all over the bali island. It is because there is no regulation which make people dump their garbages in designated place. Owing to this situation, people dump their garbage on the road. And to make matters worse, they do not know about the importance of making some rules about dumping garbage. I am surprised to know about this fact. In Japan, we have some rules about garbage and we take granted for following it. So I did not realise the importance of those rules.However, I could realise the importance of it by participating in this project.

Any way, we had to came up with one idea which could solve the probrem. As for my team, we aimed for a factor of the plastic probrem. That was lack of awareness of the need to separate and dispose of garbage. So we made some solution which can solve them.The first solution was promotion of segregation through SNS. The second solution was educational policy to promote waste separation. In this policy, we make a new subject ーis similaly to other subject such as mathmaticsーwhich teacher teach their students the importance of separating garbage.

In conclusion, we gave our own opinion about Bali each other. That exeperience will surely be helpful for my future.

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