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[Vision] Thinking about OODA and adaptive decision making (again!!)

It feels like the end of the Easter holidays and the beginning of a new beginning after New Year. As I was born and grown up in Japan, we have a system that starts in April, so April is the second New Year. In Bali, there was the Balinese Hindu New Year last month, and Ramadan starts next month, so there is an atmosphere of belief and a fresh start every month. In reality, due to the impact of Corona, some projects have managed to get started, while others have been delayed. One of the projects that were delayed was finally cancelled. Since Corona, all offline training work has been cancelled, which is the second project-based work that has been cancelled.

We are fortunate that we have some multi-year public sector projects, so there are no major management problems. However, it is still possible that a project could be cancelled due to the inability to get people to and from the project site due to a coronary infection. To survive such a situation, we use the observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) loop and make many small decisions to respond quickly to the situation and respond to changes in the environment. This approach has been described in a UN report as adaptive decision making for climate change adaptation.

I recently spoke to a monopoly energy provider who told me that "our policy is set until 2028 and we can't change it" because she is a single employee with no position and needs to follow the company's structure. When there is a crisis, big bosses will dispose of "the plan until 2028", easily.

At first I was going to write about paddy fields and climate change, but then words suddenly popped into my head and I wrote OODA without thinking. Maybe tomorrow I'll really write about paddy fields and climate change.

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