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[vision] Interests of others are the truth of success.

I continue with a success story told by the CEO of the waste management company from yesterday. He told us that 20 years ago, his company almost went bankrupt. When the company was about to go bankrupt, it had five employees.

When the company was about to go bankrupt 20 years ago, he dreamed of driving a Mercedes Benz and wearing a Rolex watch. Then, he was mentored by a famous entrepreneur. He changed his mind when the mentor told him that he couldn't ask his employees to work for the sake of his own luxury. He changed his mind. He said to his employees, "We will make million-dollar profits. Until then, I will not raise my salary. When we become a million-dollar company, you will be proud to work for this company".

He then went on to make the business profitable for his own employees and, as I wrote yesterday, for those outside the company. The result is now. His company is one step away from becoming a million-dollar annual profit.

His final message to the high school students was to their goals clear and to act in the best interests of others, not in their own interest, as this would lead to success. He reiterated that interests of others are the truth of success.

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