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The Simple Ways to Act on Climate Change

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Hi again!

I'm Indri from THINK-Research Team and be occasionally a part of BE-Event Team.

Last week, was invited by to be a speaker. Then, we discussed the topic options, and they sent us the guiding questions. On behalf of, I become a guest for this radio. I thought it would be live streaming, but they said it would not. We did the recording this morning through zoom application. This was my first time doing non-live radio streaming. But all things (music, intro, and the voice tone of the host) are exactly like the real live radio streaming.

I love how are the voice tone and pronunciation of the host. She's like a pro!

Then, I remember when I become a host for my podcast (Yeah, my friend and I have our own podcast). I can't talk with that tone!

We started the discussion with my short introduction, and I introduce what is is not only a think tank company. You might know a think tank company. But, we are a think, do, and be tank company. So, we are doing research and publication and implement them to do and be division. We do a simple circular economy by installing biogas for farmers, selling coffee and chocolate products for farmers and conducting climate field school. We also have an internship, be-training, and sustainable office. Our vision is that we synergize goodwill and scientific knowledge (think) in delivering sustainable meaning into our gifts, action (do) and the creation of a sustainable and resilient community (be).

Then, the next question is about how do some actions for tackling climate change. I shared our experiences in conducting research projects, writing papers for publication, biogas installation, sustainable products, SDG training, OnlineAct, and climate field school, collaborating with Indonesia Meteorological and Climatological Office (BMKG). Also, I shared our experiences in conducting online events with communities and organisations. Our online event topics are mainly about climate change, waste management, and clean energy.

The host asked me why I choose this career or have a passion for climate change. I told my stories when I was in Junior High School and had an assignment to write a paper. I wrote about the first oil mining in Kalimantan, which was in Balikpapan. Then, I searched what mining is and what the energy sources are. Then, I decided to continue my study in engineering. I applied for an engineering program at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Institute of Technology, Bandung. Then, I got accepted from both Universities, but I chose UGM since they have renewable energy as their subcourse. I continued working and studying related to renewable energy and the environment. That's how I found my passion, and I chose everything based on it.

The last question is about how to do simple ways to tackle climate change. I said there are many ways. For example, we could reduce electricity usage by turn our devices off when we don't use it. Second, we could contribute to the environment by doing waste segregation, organic waste management through home compost, and give our non-organic waste to the waste bank. The last one, we could join communities, groups, or organisations working or doing actions on climate change. We would get the motivation more when we do something together with others. More impacts could be made with more people.

Our discussion will be aired on Saturday (20th Feb 2021) at 7-9 am on radio and Youtube Stay tuned!

See you in the next post!

Thank you for reading ^^

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