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The Process of Making Video

Hi, it's Maya again!

I am mostly working with the do-business and be-event team but I sometimes also help the Media Team to prepare’s Youtube content. has several series on Youtube, one of them is called, where we interview our partners/collaborators about current issues and projects that we are working on. also aims to build relationships with partners/collaborators and to evaluate our events, so that we can improve our projects in the future!

So, what did I help Media Team with to prepare for's content?

I will share with you the long process of producing one video for 😛 😛 😛


I will only share the interesting things in the process instead 😊

First, The Media Team and I create a plan for who will be interviewed, how many people can join the interview, when the interview will be held, which platform will we use, and the duration of the interview. Then, we prepare the questions for the interview. From the questions we made, we will share it first with the other team members for feedback.

Before Corona, we did the interviews offline and other team members helped to interview the collaborator/partner. However, during the Corona period, we held everything online, including events where we collaborated with NGOs in Japan and Indonesia, institutions, schools, etc. Of course, I also had the chance to help the online interview process for

During the interview with partners/collaborators, I found lots of new insights and input from them on how to can improve, and most importantly, COOL ideas that later on we can develop as our activity or program. AND THIS IS THE PART I LIKE THE MOST 😊

After I conduct the online interviews, I also help the Media Team by giving concepts and input for the video. In this part, I learned how to see things in more detail. Before giving input, I had to watch lots of Youtube videos as references. I watch how the video transitions, the back sound, highlighting words, the flow of the video, etc.

After some input from all members and after the editing process, then the Media team can publish the video on Youtube and social media.

We are very happy to now have 11 videos and there are still some videos in the editing process. Hopefully the Media team and can finish the video soon and you can watch it on our Youtube channel. We hope that can deliver the story through the videos. There will be lots of new stories and cool collaborators sharing their initiatives and movements!!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel! You can also join if you join our online event 😊 Go check it out and I can’t wait to see you in!!

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