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The Process Behind su-re.cocoa Production

Hi, Okta from business team is here!😊👋🏽

Have you ever tried our chocolate bar- su-re.cocoa? How was it? Do you like the taste?

For you who have not tried it so far, then you can visit our shop and grab it fast. Now, I would like to share you the process behind su-re.cocoa production. As you may know, our chocolate bar has crunchy coffee beans inside. It doesn't contain any dairy products and we use castor sugar as sweetener. All of those ingredients balanced by a magic work of our partner, Primo Bali.

First, fermented dry cacao and coffee beans drop off at Primo Bali. Beans and other ingredients stored in Primo's storage on top of pallets with temperature maximum 21 degrees Celsius & humidity index 55%.

Cacao and Coffee Green Beans

The cacao is protected by husk. Primo roast the cacao with the husk in their roaster at 100 degrees Celsius for 2.5 hours, then they separate the beans from the husk with machines. Leaving behind what is called cacao nibs, that is what they use as su-re.cocoa's main ingredients. Next, they ground cacao nibs in Stone Melangeur. Then, cacao mass tempering on Stone Marble Table. They do cacao mass refining into chocolate with castor sugar. After that, they infuse the chocolate with coffee beans. Finally, they mold it into chocolate bars then we packed it in the end. All the process makes our chocolate bar, su-re.cocoa is the perfect gift to celebrate your Valentine's Day this month. It's definitely a thoughtful gift idea for your special one 🤍

su-re.cocoa 50 gram and su-re.cocoa 25 gram

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Feb 07, 2021

It's an interesting process and new information for me. Hope we can visit, see the whole process, and experience making su-re.cocoa on the spot, at Primo's factory soon!

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