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The Aura of Products and Crowdfunding at

Aura: The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

Products should shine focus on the processes, people and environmental impact behind them. I’m sure if you knew exactly what went on ‘behind the scenes’, you’d notice a massive difference in your purchasing habits. Ignorance is bliss, we all know this, but it has to change. Don’t you think a product with a positive aura would seem far more attractive? And wouldn’t you just feel fantastic for choosing the ‘better’ option? I think yes, so it’s a win, win. I want you, the consumer, to understand how important and valued you are in the process for a brighter future.

With global business outreach so accessible, and knowing the tremendous effect it has, changing consumer behavioural patterns becomes an extremely exciting opportunity. Here at, we want to tell our story and spread the message to the world. Knowledge and power are vital if we want change. Our focus always remains on local coffee farmers and tackling climate change, the bag of coffee at the end is just a delicious benefit.

We want to highlight the severity of the current impact agriculture is having on the environment, starting here in Indonesia, whilst providing solutions that we hope will reach a global scale. We’ve created a closed loop system in which, not only the coffee farmer’s business and community can thrive, but the consumer will feel rewarded and the environment will benefit immensely.

See how the ‘aura’ around a sustainable product brings far more than just financial returns? We’ve already helped 5 farmers by providing them with clean energy.

The new green economy wave is formed from the power of new people and entrepreneurship surrounding innovative sustainability strategies that are easy to implement. We want to highlight the importance and necessity of long-term sustainability goals in business and show that it is possible.

The aura of a product is what we should be focusing on. This is why we want you to know about our work here in Indonesia. We believe that conscious buying decisions are important. We live in a monopolistic society allowing big corporates to make our buying decisions for us. So, let’s make a positive change across board, and for now, maybe just start with your morning cup of coffee.

We are starting our crowd funding project on the 29th November 2018 and we hope you will be able to join us:

1) YOU take part in crowdfunding campaign  

2) WE provide farmers with clean biogas energy 

3) WE provide farmers with an education in climate-smart agriculture

4) ALL of us enjoy a  safer climate! 

To know more please follow this link:

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