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Task - Relevant Maturity (TRM) -- Management is like parenting

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Dear Everyone! I hope you are doing great. This is Cynthia from THINK-Team.

Like Tak, our CEO, has been telling this book, let me add what makes me enjoy reading the book of Andrew S. Groove titled High Output Management recently. You may read our CEO's previous blogs regarding the book, such as

On this occasion, I want to talk about the concept of task-relevant maturity (TRM). Groove defined TRM as follows:

TRM is a combination of the degree of their achievement orientation and readiness to take responsibility, as well as their education, training, and experience.

So, every person has a different TRM depending on their experience, environment, education, and training exposure. For instance, I am a good driver in my hometown, which is less traffic. So, my TRM is considerably high, and I can take you to go around the city. However, my TRM will get low when I am asked to drive in Jakarta that is full of traffic which I don't get used to. This requires a learning process for me to adapt to increase my TRM. The book also suggests the management style would vary according to the TRM.

Furthermore, the author classified three levels of TRM with different management styles as below. The authors also illustrate the management style is like a parent-and-child relationship. As the maturity grows, the parent will diminish the intensity of instructions.

From this, I found this aligns with's condition in which we have different gift makers, including interns who will contribute to the team objectives in a short time.

When you join as newcomers, you will need time to learn, adjust, and adapt to take more challenging tasks. Therefore, we provide a series of onboarding tasks for every newcomer to take their time in knowing We also have the culture to support each other, so I think this culture is suitable to increase the TRM of every member. As Mako shared in her recent blog here,, so that you can eventually achieve your growth zone by having your own objective to contribute to's activities.

Thank you for reading!

Please tell me from your experience what kind of your company culture and/or activities that make you grow? 🤗

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