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[su-re venture] COVID19 impacts on Climate Change plan for Indonesia

I've got a kick-off meeting tomorrow for a European Union projects to prepare a presentation for.

I've been doing some research on climate change action and projections of carbon emissions in Indonesia. I've found some interesting material, which I'll write about below.

Firstly, the impact of carbon dioxide emissions in last year's Corona pandemic, published in Nature a fortnight ago. Last year's carbon dioxide emissions were cut by about 7% year on year as economic activity shrank, back to the levels of 15 years ago. This makes sense, as it seems that people's movement has also returned to the level of about 15 years ago. Also, carbon dioxide emissions have actually increased after the Paris Agreement, which was agreed on five years ago. Did emissions go up because people were relieved that an agreement with no penalties had been agreed, or did carbon emissions go up because the economy went up? Both are correct, but the impact of economic activity and pandemics is far greater than the agreement we worked so hard to reach.

Some reports say Indonesia's carbon emissions reductions could reach 43% by 2030. At the same time, it predicts a 6% increase in GDP. However, last year Indonesia's GDP growth was -2.2%, and the World Bank is predicting a 4% level for the next two years.

In fact, Indonesia was the only major country where electricity generation from coal was increasing. I thought that a 43% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions would be difficult, but perhaps it is possible. This is an opportunity to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and, at the same time, to promote economic growth.

In Europe, paradigm shifts such as the Green New Deal and the Great Reset are being proposed. Will Indonesia be able to follow this trend? This is what I would like to talk about tomorrow.

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