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[su-re venture] 20 circles explaining fugal innovation and DeapTech.

When I was preparing my presentation for tomorrow, I wrote many circles, and then I realised that I was doing an elemental analysis.

First of all, by combining "providing energy to farmers for social good" with the production of PVC bags, which use already matured technology, we can make enough biogas equipment to provide free of charge, which is called a fugal innovation.

Similarly, by using blockchain innovation to "provide energy to farmers for social good", we can eliminate the need for certification and emissions trading intermediaries, thus creating a cheap emissions trading mechanism. This would be D

If we think about this on a macro scale, we need to think about what kind of energy is best for farmers, and this is the work of think tanks, and at, the European Union's LANDMARC project is an excellent example of this. For, this is the work of the European Union's LANDMARC project. Based on the results, the actual implementation of biogas is what I define as a Do tank, and this is what the German government project is about. One of the tasks of the Be tank, which I consider to be the support for policy making based on research results and actual implementation, is the involvement of EC' TIPPING+ project.

Ultimately, our goal is to be involved in the development of a low-carbon Indonesia. And there are advantages to doing all this ourselves, and we call it vertical integration of sustainability.

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