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su-re.coffee special partnership with Lil Lotus Coffee

Together su-re.co and Montessori School Bali have worked cooperatively to conduct the Café Project; a development of a green business from the ground up by the school’s teenagers students!

The Café Project is a long term goal project of teaching all aspects in creating, building, marketing, and running a business as well as giving them knowledge about climate change and its social implications through sustainable farming.

After a field trip directly at the farm in Jembrana (West Bali) visiting Pak Cakra, one of su-re.coffee farmers, Lil Lotus’ team developed their own business model and marketing strategy to promote sustainable coffee around them.

We are deeply humbled and empowered by the planning and hard work these students have accomplished over just a few weeks leading to what is now their famous Friday morning coffee sale in front of the school.

Come support them every Friday morning at the school and check out their accomplishment!


Montessori School Bali,

Jalan Raya Semat No. 66, Berawa,

Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara,

Badung Regency, Bali 80361

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