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Su-re.co welcomes new members

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Florian Radigue (Paris), Anna Carlsson (Lund), Michelle Knight (Canberra) and Cynthia Ismail (Jakarta) will be working alongside our development projects from May 2016.

Florian and Anna are joining internship programme in Su-re.co. Florian is a prospective student in English Master degree in International Management at INSEEC Business School of Paris. He has a great enthusiasm to work into an Environmental Consulting Company. Passionate about the indonesian culture and the green economy, being part of a diverse team will be a great opportunity for him to get an experience within a consulting company first and mostly within sustainable environment and renewable energy industry.

Anna is a student at Nanyang Technological University and University of Lund, she is learning to get an invaluable deeper understanding of development processes in Asia, South Asia in particular. In particular, the course ‘Environmental and Urban Studies’ has enabled her to capture an insight of environmental issues and challenges, as well as possible solutions in the Asian context.

Meanwhile, Michelle is listed as an associate for the Su-re.co. Michelle is an international and community development professional, specialising in food security and natural resource management (NRM). She has graduated from the Australian National University (ANU) with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Sustainability) Honours and after working in development for some years, is undertaking an International Masters in Applied Ecology at the Université de Poitiers.

Cynthia is taking part as a research assistant. She graduated from Erasmus Mundus Programme in Politecnica de Madrid, Ecole des Mines de Nantes and KTH,The Royal Institute of Technology. Her course is Management and Engineering of Energy and Environment. She was an assistant at climate change advisor in PT Indonesian Power,Jakarta.

We would like to welcome them to the project and our community. They are enthusiastic and have a lot to contribute. We really appreciate their work and look forward to learning from them.

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