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[ venture] Your brand and the difference in information between online and offline

Dear Everyone, this is Takeshi, CEO of

The second meeting was a former GIZ officer. She must be careful to meet people. Her place is oversized for one person and overall beautiful and cosy at the same time --- typical Bali villa style. It seems if I rent the villa now, it is at half price just like everything else in Bali from taking a surf photo, staying five-star-hotel, having an excellent coffee because of COVID19.

While she is staying in a pleasant villa, she is building her own house. I think it would be more comfortable to live here. I live in a home-office that I designed and made of almost upcycling materials. My home is lovely, but I also thought it would be okay to live in another villa for a while, but in a few seconds, I changed my mind because I'm getting tired of moving around.

The talk with her was about whether you could get a job with your brand after you left the organisation. Indeed, that was the biggest concern when I started my own company. Until then, I have well-known organisation brands such as Oxford University, Stockholm Environment Institute, and JICA. I did not know if I can get work without such an established brand until I tried. I heard the same story when I talked to Mr Nakamura, the president of Kopernik. He also told me the same. Kopernik is like above-the-cloud NGO, but Mr Nakamura said since they also went through the journey of brand development. So, also has no choice but to build it up from scratch.

Group vs team

I go to the beach first thing in the morning and rarely go outside anymore except to pick up the kids from school. But I do get some good inspiration when I get out once in a while. I'm nearly 50 years old now, and I have to be careful with the coronavirus. I got a different kind of information when you deal with meeting people properly. Anyway, for now, I'm going to create a system that allows me to take as much information online as I can taste offline. Where that's not possible, we'll replace it with other methods. For example, "our vision or at least its direction" could have been casually shared somehow in the air among the members before corona. Now, to run in the same direction as a team, we have to set aside three hours once a month to understand the direction. The direction is a piece of information that should be shared among the members even after the Corona pandemic. So, I am grateful that we have been allowed to study our vision seriously.

I believe that one day this difference in the amount of information between online and offline will be surpassed by communication technology. Once the Corona pandemic is over, there will be no more restrictions on not being able to see each other so that it won't be a choice between 'online or offline'. You can live where you want to live and see each other when you want to. Along with the information available online, refining the information to be shared in the Corona pandemic situation will make the team more cohesive in a complementary way. So, instead of lamenting the Corona pandemic and not forcing ourselves to flee offline, we can now do our best to refine the information that needs to be shared online.

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Dec 05, 2020

The idea of the differences between group and team is great! A big vision will lead us to the big result, however, it will be achieved with a good team!


Everyone should read this book ;-) I Highly recommend it!


Dec 02, 2020

I cannot imagine if the corona pandemic happened without online information available. And I will put the book on my list :)

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