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Updated: Nov 25, 2020 has developed the first green building project in the form of the treehouse at the office. After 18 months of construction, finally, this treehouse is officially open for the public. Located in Jalan Dalem Gede 25, Pererenan, Mengwi which is in close proximity to Canggu’s tourism activities makes this luxurious building becomes a perfect place to stay during your travel! Travelers spend only 5 minutes of driving to beaches and can just walk to find some cafes. 

The Design

The realization of this treehouse was initiated by the CEO of -- Takeshi Takama. Takeshi designed this treehouse using the compact and sustainable concept with 90% pre-loved material, including the furniture. Takeshi found the material from Cacao site project in Sulawesi,  and legendary shops and restaurants in Bali as well as Canggu beaches. Uniquely, the wood that was part of an unused boat was shipped from Sulawesi to Bali to be the basic material of this sustainable building. 

Let’s take a look!

Let's started with the bedroom! This treehouse has one loft space for a bedroom that is suitable for 1-2 guests. To get into the bedroom, guests must climb compact stairs that the can be folded. So, no worries, this stair will not bother your cozy area!

Then, the downstairs space is facilitated with a workspace, bathroom and little kitchen to make coffee or tea. The workspace is also designed to be a compact one. The table and chair can be folded after use so guests can get more space downstairs. Everything is foldable in the downstairs space! A simple table is also provided in the bedroom.

What about the bathroom? The bathroom is located on the west side of the building which is beyond the workspace. The bathroom is equipped with a rain shower and a copper bathtub made by Javanese artisans.

The last but not least, if you love to spend your day relaxing or reading books with a view, this treehouse would be appropriate for you! This treehouse also has a balcony which will deliver a cozy and fresh atmosphere to complete your holiday in Bali. 

How to Book this Luxurious Tree House

In this digital era, everything can be booked online. Customers can book nights at treehouse through AirBnB. Just click on this link to get more booking information.  For only IDR. 710.988, 2 guests can enjoy a night in this sustainable treehouse.

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