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[ building] New working space above old Java house office

I had been doing online meetings from Tree House, and people have been saying things like "it's nice to hear the birds" and "it's nice to be surrounded by greenery". But, everyone finally seems to have noticed that my background is different these days.

The first old treehouse is used for different purposes. So I moved my working space. The new place is the loft of our office, which we renovated last year during Corona pandemic.

We built the office t of an old house in Java. During Corona, I got a lot more reclaimed wood, so I decided to create this loft. This office has no walls, so it is reinforced with steel arches. The loft also acts as a reinforcement to support the structure of the office.

This is what the loft looks like when you look up from the office below. Below the attic is a cosy little meeting space. We put a light and a fan underneath the loft to make it airier. The fan has another purpose which I tell you at the end.

We climb up to thick logs from the office, then to a table and then to the stairs leading to the top. It's a bit of an awkward way up, but it's the best way to save space. I acquired the logs and table from a Swedish sandwich shop on Batu Bolong. In Bali, many restaurants and cafes were closed because of Corona.

This photo shows what the staircase looks like from the other side. This staircase has different widths on the right and left sides as used in ships. This way, even if the stairs are a bit steep, you can go down them facing forward like a standard staircase, instead of backwards like a ladder.

Sorry, a bit messy, but I like this view while I was working. The view from the top of the loft is quite lovely. I like the feeling of the triangular roof made of 100% wood looming over me.

The loft floor is made of slatted wood, which makes it airy and relieves the feeling of oppression. And when we turned the fan on the floor in the opposite direction, a cool breeze came up from underneath, making the space cooler. The mosquitoes don't even come near my feet.

At the moment, we work 100% remotely, so I work here, but when Corona is finished, we'll open this place up to everyone.

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