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Strengthen Collaboration with Partners in Japan

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hello from Japan!!

During the preparation until the project implementation, works together with local, national and international organizations to address the issue of climate change and environmental sustainability. To strengthen the collaboration with other organizations, that was represented by its CEO--Takeshi Takama, greeted its partners in Japan in July 2019. was also open an opportunity for general public to contribute to coffee and biogas project. Through the crowdfunding that was launched on November 2018, people from around the world can take part to tackle climate change with local farmers. They also can purchase where the proceed will go to coffee and biogas project or even can also donate to biogas digester that will be installed for local farmers in Indonesia. 

As the follow-up action from this crowdfunding, has been shipping packages of coffee for the backers in Europe and Japan. appreciates backers and partners and would like to say thank you for supporting local farmers! 

Strengthen Collaboration in Think-Tank Projects

Think-tank is an essential step before moving further to the implementation stage. During the visit to Japan, Takeshi Takama was also having discussions with cacao project team of Japan and planning to will expand their collaboration with collaboration in business as well as research on SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).

Furthermore, also became a part of the final seminar on climate change adaptation framework for Japanese development agency on July, 19, 2019. Before this final seminar was conducted, has been working together with ERM for 3 years to make the framework. 

Getting Ready for the Next Tigermov! has one of the partners of Tigermov Japan, especially for their training program in Bali. Tigermov is a Japan-based company that gives opportunities for the young generation to connect with global community through overseas internship and training programs. Recently, hosted 6 high school students from Tigermov to explore ecology and economic issues in Bali. 

Students enjoyed meeting and talking with tourists and local communities from different backgrounds and occupancies such as farmers, traders, shop keeper and many more.  We are happy to host keen and self-motivated young leaders to learn about sustainability and will continue this collaboration with Tigermov! Stay tuned for the next programs! always looks forward to collaborate and works together with more organizations to tackle climate change and achieve a sustainable future !

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