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Spa Factory Enjoys the Benefit of Biogas Digester

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Everyone can enjoy the benefit of our biogas digester! In 2019, a person from Spa Factory contacted us to explore more about biogas digester then decided to have one installed at their office in Ungasan, Bali. It is to complete its motto to be Zero Waste, Go Green, and Go Sustainable. The biogas was finally installed by Mayun, Jamie and Raphael. 

Biogas for Office

On a day of maintenance, Mayun and Felix met with Wiwin Adi Arwini, the Plan Production & Quality Controller of Spa Factory. This visit was recorded in a video #10 on our youtube channel! This episode explores how Spa Factory enjoys the benefit of our biogas digester. 

The condition where there are many cows surround Spa Factory is a potential that can be transformed into something. Moreover, they also produce bath salt made by plants and flowers where the flowers that they do not use will be used to feed the biogas. “We do and go for zero waste and sustainable so we have the idea and continue our things to go for biogas and met Takeshi. We have tried and it's worth very well” said Wiwin.  

By installing this biogas, they can reduce their expense and make an impact on the planet. Do you want to have biogas installed at your house or office like Spa Factory? Contact us at!

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